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After binge watching [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) to catch up on the American showings, I've come to the conclusion that it could play a role in the upcoming civil war in the MCU. It seems like we need a sudden influx of people with the skills to be major players in the fight for both sides, and I think we are seeing it there. There are already two factions of Shield, and it makes me wonder if this will continue to the point where we see one side with Captain America and the other with Ironman. I think it likely that Age of Ultron will give both sides a reason to come together near the end of the season, but you never know.

We all know that civil war requires a lot of heroes to make it a proper war, right? Hulk is getting shot off into space and Thor has his own issues, leaving us without a lot of bodies on the front lines. Let's try and sort this into teams.

Captain America team: Anti-Registration

Captain America

Duh, the centre piece of the resistance, Steve will be forced to go against the government, for the first time in his life he will be made to question his own morals, not knowing whether what he is doing is truly right, putting him in a difficult position.


"Don't look at me, I do what he does, just slower." Undying loyalty, built up pretty quickly it seems, but definitely on the Cap side of things, especially after talking in Winter Soldier about how free he feels being out of the army (Out of government control, that is).

Winter Soldier

May need to change that star soon mate
May need to change that star soon mate

I think it's about time that Steve and Bucky make up and fight together again. He isn't going to be against him for two films in a row, especially since that would be a big focus for Cap, fighting one of his best friends, and the focus needs to be that he is fighting Stark.

Black Widow

Hmm, I know what you're thinking. This was a hard one for me too, but it seems likely that Winter Soldier was about setting up characters relationships with Cap, and I think that means we will see [Black Widow](movie:1070824) stick with him.

Black Panther

While I remain iffy about this too, I think they will stick close to the comics for [Black Panther](movie:9047) in this, and that means putting him on Cap's side. With part of the film taking place in Wakanda, it seems like he will be forced into it more than anything else.

Okay, so that is what I think about Cap's side, now let's look at Pro Reg.

Iron-man's side: Pro Registration

Iron Man

Tony has always been a loose cannon, it'll be a real change of pace for him to be leading a team, and siding with the government. He has always balked from control over him, and that makes this a strange move. It is possible we will see something like the comics, maybe Ultron drones kill some children in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and a parent blames Stark for creating the robots? Obviously this could set him on the path to civil war.

War Machine

Like Falcon and Bucky siding with Cap, this is a no brainer for me. Rhodey has to side with Ironman, if not only because he is still part of the army, and therefore a clear cut supporter of everything the government tells him to do.


I just said earlier that Winter Soldier built up Cap's relationships to characters so that they would continue to fight alongside him. Many people have asked: Where was Hawkeye during Winter Soldier? Maybe, just maybe, this is why. They didn't want him chumming up with Cap and then turning on him. It's interesting if Clint and Natasha split up over this, because she would surely refuse to fight him right? Maybe not.


Tony Stark's invention? Yes, I know Ultron goes crazy, but I think we are looking at the former Jarvis being quite close to Stark, possibly like Ultron he will be as a child, trying to find their way in the world after AoU, this means he will need Stark looking after him.

Who else???

This is hard, we know that isn't all, but who else will be in there? And what side will they take?

Here are my guesses.

Scarlet Witch

This interests me, because Scarlet Witch is so freaking powerful! She could literally get into your head and make you take one side of the argument. That makes her a major power player if she is in the film. In the comics, mutants all remained neutral, but of course, she isn't a mutant now. I have the feeling that we will see her go towards Captain America, just because his side seems low on power right now, and I think for this to be a fair fight, he needs someone like her. And I personally feel that along with her goes


Now, this suddenly shifts the balance of power towards Cap, right? If he has both the twins, then they give him quite the advantage. However, I think Stark will already have started developing suits to beat them or something, and therefore be able to take them on somehow.


Now, I am hoping to see [Ant-Man](movie:9048) in Civil War, mostly because I think who he chooses could be very difficult to decipher. He is a con artist primarily, making him a little like Stark, but I also think he has a great sense of right and wrong. I think Scott will join Captain America, while Hank Pym (Should he also be in the film) will join Stark. I'm also hoping for a Wasp appearance, and if we see her, she may be for Cap's side too.

Captain Marvel

Hmmmmmm, very interesting. If she appears (As is rumoured) in AoU, then yes, I think she will appear, on Stark's side. I feel she is likely to take that side because, frankly, she doesn't wear a mask, and she is billed as an air force pilot, making her more likely to be government sided?


Making it obvious why we need Peter Parker instead of Miles Morales. We need him to be a defining moment in the film. Anyone reading the comics will know that he switches from Iron Man's side to Cap's. I don't think they will change that too much.

I'm going to do another article on what part the defenders and Agents of SHIELD will play in civil war, but this one would get too long. Read it here

So what do you think? Which hero is most likely to turn up in civil war?


Which hero is most likely to be in civil war?


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