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For my first review I am doing Punisher: War Zone (2009), the kind-of sequel to 2004’s The Punisher starring Tom Jane. I say kind of as the back story is slightly different, and all the cast and crew are different but apart from that a direct sequel (forgive my attempts at humour). I saw this film yesterday so it is still fresh in my mind, now cracking on with the review.

Even though they aren’t completely connected I can’t help compare it to the first film, so starting with the positives: the story of the film was engaging and interesting as it developed and a nearly 2hr film flew by, the action scenes were cool, comic relief was perfect and finally it was very true to the comic. Now elaborating on those points, firstly the action scenes were cool they are exactly how The Punisher should be. Violent. This was great and also the action sequences didn’t have too much of a gap so I felt bored; furthermore the action sequences were much better than the first film as it revealed more and it was more of a one-man army. Secondly, the comic relief of Detective Soap was perfectly placed and had the right type of humour; comparing this to the first film the comedy relief in that was the roommates which was the only part of the film I hated, so massive improvement. Finally it was very true to the comic they changed the origin story from the first film and apart from a few small things the overall story was the same.

Negatives, there really aren’t many; in some sequences the kills didn’t look that realistic: The explosion at the end and that fat guy’s head exploding. And finally they really didn’t give The Punisher that many lines as the main character, I wanted more speech from him but I still liked how it was done.

Overall the film was a good action film, a great Punisher film and an enjoyable watch; the plot line was simple but that is OK in an action film so its not a negative so I give Punisher: War Zone:



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