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You know when I said I might try to do I post a month I now have 3 in 1 day, as this evening I watched Defiance (2009). Defiance is a true story about Jews in WW2 hiding in a forest to escape the Nazis.

The film had a lot of positives: great action, great story and the acting was good. The action in the film was quite realistic although the gore was toned down (which I don’t mind); the story itself was very intriguing and very emotional (which is hard to get wrong in this era but never the less it is a positive) and the fact it is based on a true story makes the film all the better. The acting in this film is very good the accents are realistic and the expressions in their emotions are put across perfectly.

This is a great film but it does have a few negatives: it was slow in places and Daniel Craig’s accent was inconsistent. At certain parts of the story, sort of between the beginning and the middle of the film felt a bit slow but that was only for a small section of it. Also Daniel Craig put on a great Belarussian accent, some of the time; at certain parts of the film he reverted into his English accent, this is kind of annoying and bugged me whenever it happened.

Overall the film was great, there were only a few small details that stopped this from being a perfect film; there were very few negatives and the ones I put were really being picky. So for these reasons I am giving Defiance:



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