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There we go, 4 in 2 days. Well today I saw Man Of Steel (2013) again so I thought I would write a review. In this review I will compare at some points to the original Superman franchise and Superman returns; Man Of Steel was a reboot of the Superman franchise which has started from scratch.

This film, to me at least, is pretty much all positives so here is a few of them: they changed bits to make it better, the action was cool, the acting was good and the setup for a future shared universe was implemented. The bits that they changed were good; for example they changed the score which I liked, as was shown in Superman Returns using the classic and cheesy score makes the film dated and cheesy. All the cheese-y-ness was taken out of Man Of Steel and the fact that Louis knows who Superman is, makes his alias as Clark Kent more believable; also some people didn’t like that element of the film but in the comics in All Star Superman he reveals his identity so it didn’t bother me. The way the film was done it was more grounded in reality, I don’t like it when people say ’they Dark Knight’d it’ it wasn’t dark is was just what would happen if the back story was true.

All the acting in the film is great and featuring a stellar cast, I particularly liked Russell Crowe as Jor-El I thought he played the role perfectly. Finally, by having a ton of easter eggs in the film, it perfectly set up a shared universe; as we now know MOS2 is going to feature Batman and Wonder Woman with a plan for a shared universe. How this was set up is that man now knows the knowledge that they are not alone in the universe, and the Lexcorp trucks and signs; and the best easter egg apart from Kara Zor-El being alive and is somewhere, was the satellite with the Wayne industries logo which means Batman is in this universe which we do know.

The negatives in this film are very limited, they include: the last fight scene was a bit boring and wtf is up with the tentacles. The last fight scene got a bit repetitive, Zod and Superman being flown through buildings every 5 seconds; also the tentacles seemed out of place, they were the only thing that was a bit silly. Overall I love this film, by far the best Superman movie and with few negatives I can’t help but give it a rating of:



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