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Today I decided to watch The Wolverine (2013) again as I bought on dvd (in hindsight I think I should have bought the Blu-ray for the extended edition); The Wolverine is the next movie in the X-men franchise taking place after X-men: The Last Stand.

This movie for me was a mixed bag, but it was mostly positives, some of these included: there was an awesome wolverine, fight scenes were cool, acting was good and the overall story was pretty good. When I state there was an awesome wolverine, I mean it how much more bad-ass can you get than wolverine using a samurai sword and fighting ninjas (even if it was only for a couple minutes). On the more serious side Hugh Jackman played his best rendition of wolverine in this film and the more violent and more explicit scenes made it all the better. One of the fight scenes that was especially cool was the one on the bullet train it looked cheesy from the trailers but was cool; when he faked the jump and it killed a guy is one of my favourite X-men kills (another being Pyro's kills in X2). I'll keep this sentence short and sweet, BEST END CREDITS SCENE EVER.

On the negative side there is very few things but they are large points, these are: the ninja scene and the weird robot thing. The ninja scene was a bit of an anti-climax, the first minute was awesome and then he just gets slowed by some arrows. Also the robot fight was a bit weird it felt as if it was a completely different tone than the rest of the film; it seemed a bit too unrealistic. Also who really likes bone claws, if they're going to bring bone claws into it again then do it how the comics did it because that is a cool story line (if you don't know Magneto took all the adamantium of his body).

Overall this film was really good, albeit only the first 3/4; the overall tone was perfect and the action was good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (even through that last quarter) so in my opinion I am rating the film:



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