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Today I saw the reboot of a classic Arnie flick, Total Recall (2012). Well this film wasn't what I was expecting, you know how the Die Hard franchise has slowly lowered their age ratings over time and culminating in A Good Day To Die Hard; and we know how that turned out. So I was expecting this to be similar (dropping from an 18 to a 12) but it wasn't.

This movie had a lot of things going for it, some of these included: all the nods to the original were a nice touch, the action was much better than I was expecting and the fact this rendition is tweaked to make the story more believable is a good change to make. Expanding on these, I loved all the bits that were in the original (the 3-titted chick, the disguise in the transport with the woman (sorry if that one was a bit vague I didn't know how to explain it), and a modern update of the classic one liner ('consider that a divorce' to 'I guess we're separated') they all made sense and were good additions for people who had seen the original. As I've stated before I thought this was going to have awful action and all CG'ed; even though there is CGI, the shooting scenes were all good (of course there was no bloody violence but that's to be expected in a 12) this made the film a lot better as the action scenes were much more explicit than I was expecting. The last bit of the film I liked were the changes in the story to make it more believable; the best way to explain this is through an example. In the original, the rebellion's leader is a weird mind reading mutant baby (which wouldn't make sense as they didn't go to Mars); if this was in the reboot it would just seem silly so just making the leader a human and letting the mind reading be done by a machine made the film much more believable.

There are few negatives in this film and they are only minor, these were: the CGI in places seemed to unrealistic, and this film shouldn't be a 12. Expanding on this, at Rekall toward the start of the film when he first fights you can tell the action was CG'ed and it did it in other places in the film; this really annoys me in a modern film as it takes me out of the experience, also the same fight scene could be done using physical effects. Finally this was not rated right, it had quite a lot of swearing and the 3-titted girl was in it (albeit for about 30 seconds). This was how I wanted the film to be but rating it a 12 was a mistake, it should definitely be a 15 as it was not appropriate; there was nothing wrong with the film itself it just shouldn't have been rated 12.

Overall great action film, and a good reboot even if it was a 12; this film was considerably better than I was expecting so I give it:



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