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Today I saw Mud which I had quite high hopes for as many people had told me it was a very good film, I was slightly let down but I still enjoyed it. Mud is about a guy who is on the run from bounty hunters and the police who hides out on an island where he is discovered by two teenage boys.

Talking about positives there are quite a few, these include: good acting, great story and I felt for some of the characters. On the side of acting, everyone played their part well especially the child actors who were really good; with the story, it was clever as Mud was portrayed as a man with good morals but ended up killing someone for love, so in the film your mind understands the motives of both sides of the story. Also the ending of the film was satisfying as it concluded in a good way.

There are some small negatives that are in this film and these are: the first 30 minutes were a bit slow and the accents were hard to understand sometimes. The first 30-45 minutes was all really slow and some of it could have been cut as not that much happened. I think this might just be because I'm English, but I missed a few lines of dialogue because I couldn't understand what they were saying at certain points in the film; which was kind of annoying but I got over it as the film progressed.

Overall the film was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, however it wasn't as good as I was expecting and the first 30 minutes were quite slow so I'm going to give it:



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