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Yesterday I watched the extended edition of the first Lord Of The Rings, a film which I haven't seen for a while and have never seen the extended edition. In the extended edition around an extra 30 minutes was added but unlike other extended edition it felt like it was meant to be in the movie.

This film is a classic so there are a lot of positives in this film, some of these include: great acting, great flow, great pace and good CGI. The flow and pace of this film is perfect, for a 3 and a half hour film it didn't feel like it as there was always intrigue. Unlike The Hobbit where the first hour which was in The Shire was incredibly slow; in LOTR the first hour was in The Shire as well but there was intrigue about the mysteries of Sauron and about the ring so, for me at least, the film didn't feel slow. For a 2001 film the CGI is fantastic, and even watching it now in 2014 the CGI is watchable without it looking unrealistic.

Now for negatives, I've been thinking for a while and I can't really think of any negatives apart from some of the scenes, like the one with the wood elves, dragged a bit; but apart from that I can't really think of anything so I'm going to give it a rating of:



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