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Today I saw The Wolf Of Wall Street, a film I was really looking forward to watching and I was not let down whatsoever. The film is a comedy/drama about a stock broker named Jordan Belfort who rose to fame and then was hunted down by the FBI for stock fraud and a great number of other crimes.

There are many positives in this film, some of these are: the comedy in the film is great, the story progressed really well and the acting was great. Certain parts of the film stand out to me as great comedic moments, for example: the whole scene where he is trying to get to his car when he is high was brilliant and also all the 5 seconds with Matthew McConaughey were absolute gold. Also the story progression was good from starting from nothing to having it all, was the best part of the film in my opinion and the ending was satisfying. Finally all the acting in the movie was great especially Leonardo DiCaprio's performance from his turn of a good man who didn't do drugs to basically a massive arsehole but he made that look good.

There are also a few small negatives; one of them is the over use of nudity in this film. I think in the film it was understandable why there was so much nudity, but it seemed that it was just too over the top and got ridiculous in some places. Another negative is, the story as a whole was slightly predictable and even before seeing it I had a rough guess of how the movie would progress; start at the bottom and work his way up the chain and become really rich, I thought this would be about half the film and the rest is everything falling apart and then somehow he cleans up his act. Even though that description is quite general I thought that as that is pretty much exactly how it played out was slightly annoying.

Overall this film is absolutely brilliant and apart from the few minor negatives it would be 10/10 but as there were a few it has to be:


Saying that is comparing it to LOTR so that's how good this film is.


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