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This article is not my best work at all

An Agents of SHIELD spinoff has been confirmed. Yay?

Agents of SHIELD struggled in it's first season, but has since hit it's stride, introducing a C-List at best comic into an easy and accesible television show that has become must-watch TV in the form of The Inhumans

If you are not caught up with Agents, you might not want to keep reading

As we all now know, Skye is based off of a superhero named Quake aka Daisy Johnson. She is a staple on Fury's team of Secret Warriors. If you would like to know more abiut this "organization", you can watch Avengers: EMH (One of the best animated shows ever) particuarly during the Skrull Invasion. This is also a good show to to do some back "reading" on Ms. Marvel.

Mockingbird has also served on the team. Coulson is building his own mini-Shield/Avengers squad (Ward, Hunter, Deathlok, most likely Fitz, Simmons, again most likely, as an inside operative, and May is somehow involved.)

Back to the spinoff. Could this be a actual possibility?

Hopefully. This could also be a Inhumans show, but the Secret Warriors is more likely. It could include some of her Inhuman friends (Lincoln), particuarly the potent ones.

The setup for this show will most likely be occuring as soon as 2 days ago. Sweet. I so not know much about the Secret Warriors, but this could give some serious credibility that Skye causes the Civil War in an accident parallel to the Stanford Information in the actual arc.

Still, I must repeat that this is not my level of expertise, but all I know is I would watch this show.

Extra Tidbit: I feel like I have written a kajillion articles because of the overwhelming amount of superhero news. This is probably a useless article.

No word on if this will be on Netflix or ABC and it will not receive a backdoor pilot.


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