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Today I saw Bourne Legacy for the second time, Bourne legacy is the 4th in the series of Bourne movies but this one doesn't have Jason Bourne; instead it follows the story of Aaron Cross another agent being targeted by the government.

There are a few positives in this movie, these are: it linked in really well with the original trilogy, the action scenes were cool and the acting was good. The problem with most films like this, where they try to continue the franchise without the same lead actor, is they normally fail to deliver as the role is normally recast or links poorly. What was clever with this film is that they followed a different character and linked the story of the trilogy into this film; what was unusual though is that it didn't seem too forced and the film is very enjoyable as it captures most of what made the first three films great.

However petty, there are some negatives in this film; I think they are: the story is a bit simple and some of the best elements of the original trilogy weren't present in this film. The story of this film was extremely easy to follow; which for most people would be a positive but I like film with more interesting and in depth stories, also I really shouldn't expect that much from an action film in terms of story. However much I liked this film the story isn't the best; another negative was that it didn't have some of the elements from the first film. Even though I can understand why they didn't put it in the film but a Bourne film isn't the same without the Bourne Limp. For those of you who don't know what this is, the Bourne Limp was what Matt Damon did when he got any injury; if Jason Bourne received an injury where ever it was, he would limp. It shouldn't be a negative but as I was disappointed Jeremy Renner didn't do the Bourne Limp I think it has to be.

Overall the film is very good and links in well with the first three, the film is not as good as the first three as the story isn't as good. All things considered I rate this film:



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