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Today I saw Cabin In The Woods (CINW) for the 5th or 6th time and loved just much as I have every time I have seen it, whenever I watch this film with someone who hasn't seen it before I get mixed reactions; it ranges from 'that was awful' to 'the most original film I have seen in years'. Getting back to the point, CINW is a horror/comedy (ish, its hard to define the genre) where 5 friends spend a holiday in a deserted cabin in the woods; however a government group is watching over them controlling the situation.

This film is filled with positives, some of them being: it had great humour, all of the references to classic horror films were great and it had a very clever story. I laughed quite a lot in this film, from the betting and sex scenes to the over the top gore; this film performed perfectly on making me laugh even though there was elements of horror in the film. I wasn't personally scared by it, but the film was very clever in that it had its comedic moments but the center of the film was still a classic horror story (until the last 15-30 mins). Finally, all the references to other horror films was expertly put in; the monster scene was the scene that took the longest to film as it contained a ton of monsters and all the creatures in it had there origins in the basement. There were references to Evil Dead, The Strangers, It etc. the list goes on and on and on.

This film also had some, however minute, negatives; even though I stated 'negatives' I can only think of one, the bad acting. The acting in the government side was really good but the horror movie cast, apart from Fran Kranz, was a bit mediocre and Chris Hemsworth's character was kind of one dimensional. However this isn't the actors faults, the cast needed to perform mediocre for the film to work; so it felt like a normal horror movie.

Overall this film is amazing and the films only flaw can be explained through the plot of the film; so because of this I rate it:



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