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The time has come for my views and opinions on the X-Men movie franchise to once again appear.

With recent announcements regarding characters and actors in X-Men: Apocalypse I'm beginning to think it's going to end up being X-Men 3 if Bryan Singer had made it. Obviously there are some things that make it different but just look at his choices with the movie so far. Here's why I think Apocalypse will be the X-Men 3 that never was...

The Finale

Firstly, it's the 3rd (and final) film in this reboot/prequel trilogy.

Cast and Character

But secondly and most importantly look at all the characters appearing in X-Men Apocalypse and the characters that were in X3 and tell me you don't see a huge overlap. I dare you.

What was the first thing Bryan Singer did with Apocalypse? Cast Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and most recently Angel. He has almost definitely retained Wolverine as well as casting Nightcrawler (YAY!). Minus Nightcrawler these were all characters in X3. Also there are rumours that Gambit will make his debut in Apocaylpse - much like he was supposed to in X3 before Singer left. I know that a lot of it will be different but it's easy to draw the parallels.

When you look at all the characters that are in both films (X3 and Apocalyspe) it looks something like this:

  • Professor X,
  • Magneto (both Fassbender and Mckellen)
  • Beast
  • Angel
  • Storm
  • Jean Grey
  • Cyclops

Who by the way minus Storm and plus Iceman were the original X-Men. Coincidence?

  • Mystique
  • and probably Wolverine.

There are other characters that differ between the two films but these will be the main characters in the new one and were more or less pretty major to the story of the old franchise.

The others
The others

What about the others?

This is where the article differs from the title..

Remember that awesome scene from First Class with Azazel where he killed all of those people at that place? Remember Banshee, Havok, (female) Angel, Riptide and Darwin - all completely different characters to the core ones we've seen so many times on film before? Where did they all go? I know minus Havok that they died between (or in) First Class and Days of Future Past but that sucks! It is a shame that they won't be coming back even though they definitely could due to the timeline reset in DOFP

It's going to be big

So Apocalypse has to introduce a slew of new characters, continue stories from previous films, somehow work Ian Mckellen into it, talk about the origin of mutants, make the four horsemen and give the characters enough screen time that they aren't just considered convenient plot points, like Quicksilver - as well as giving him a sensible haircut... This is a pretty big task for a film that will be 2.5 hours at most which seems like a lot of time but a haircut takes a good 20 minutes ya know? And then you're left with DOFP run time.

In all seriousness the whole mythos behind Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen and who he choses - Angel, probably Mystique or Magneto (I doubt both), Wolverine and Beast. I'm just guessing but I think that would be a pretty cool lineup for the four horsemen - will have to be explained. All in all it's going to be a BIG movie. Which is what Simon Kinberg has said.


No not like this... Look at Magneto's mane though!
No not like this... Look at Magneto's mane though!

This section is less relevant and is now just an X-Men franchise speculation bit.

We know that Fox are going to attempt to make a live action X-Men TV series that will presumably also link to the films a la Marvel and Avengers/AOS. My question to you is as Marvel own the TV rights to the X-Men why don't they make a X-Men TV series - they won't be allowed to put any of the X-Men in their films but they easily could have characters from the films appear in the TV series and reference them by name in the films. Also just a spare thought: I think the X-Men would work much better as a TV Series than it would as a film series. But this will never happen.

So yeah, hopefully in this movie someone dies and their death is actually meaningful rather than just killed off screen for convenience - of course we know that it can't be any of the core X-Men.

And fingers crossed for some awkward interactions between Mystique and Nightcrawler and maybe even a return for Azazel (which is now technically possible). I'm a fan of Azazel and Nightcrawler... and Kestrel and Blink

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my X-Men: DOFP Rant/Review


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