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I've already done an article on how Cinematic heroes will be used in Civil war, check it out here first.

Now, Marvel is getting busy on the use of TV to expand their cinematic universe, and frankly, if none of their TV collides with their films until Infinity War, it's ridiculous. We need to see the likes of Agents of Shield and the Defenders hitting big screens sooner, and civil war is perfect for that. The only question is, who will they side with?

The Defenders

Interesting, the defenders need to work together at some point, so you would expect them to all be on the same side in civil war right? Wrong. I don't think that is necessary, and I don't think they will all be in civil war. Jessica Jones is unlikely for me, and so is Iron Fist since his show won't be out yet. Luke Cage may or may not have his show out by that time, but he will be in Jessica Jones it appears. He was one of Cap's biggest supporters in the comic version, so I think we need to see him in the film. Also, I think Daredevil may be on Cap's side, as this links him to Luke Cage, and by association, Jessica Jones, and finally puts him on the big screen again. The other question I want to address is, what about Agents of Shield?

Agents of SHIELD
Now, there has been a lot of focus lately on super powers in Agents of SHIELD, specfically Inhumans. I think we need to explore this in Civil War, as it is a major part of the superhuman activity occurring around the globe. Interestingly, I think we will see a split in characters on the show going into Civil War (As if there aren't enough of those already).


With Skye having so much focus on being put "On the register" that Shield have of people with powers, it seems like she will be violently against the registration act, so will the other inhumans we see on the show. I feel though that many will act as the X-Men did in the comics, not taking part and remaining peaceful in their own little paradise. However Daisy may want to take a stand, and join Cap's side, plus I would love to see her enter the mainstream leagues.


I love you
I love you

Bobby should be in films, because I love her. Also, she is a well known agent of Shield in the comics and I think it is important she gets into the films and becomes a major player in Stark's side of the war. And I love her.


This makes sense. He is the kind of off the rails anti hero that could take the place that Punisher had in the comics civil war. Although I think it more likely he will stick with Coulsen now, and that leads me to:

The Agents of SHIELD

Now, I know Coulsen has a little obsession with Cap, but I think the other members of the team may drive him to Stark, plus he has a bit of history with Stark. It's hard to tell, but I think Cap will get Nick Fury, and Stark will get Maria Hill and these agents, like in the comics.

So what do you think?


Will Marvel use their TV in the Civil War?


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