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This is it guys. It has finally arrived, and it will make you crap your pants.

You know, since there isn't already enough poop to go around.

Anyway, I am talking about the third and final chapter of The Human Centipede series. The first Human Centipede film was about a German doctor named Dr. Heiter, who attached three humans, anus to mouth, to create a conjoined triplet.

The second film is about a man who watches the Human Centipede movie, becomes obsessed with it, and decides to create his own version with twelve people.

Hold on to your seats, people, because this last film expands even more than you'd want to imagine. The warden of a prison has the highest amount of riots and medical costs in the USA. The warden, along with his right hand man, come up with the perfect solution to keep these inmates in line (literally) and save costs on food.

We have finally been blessed (is that the proper word?) with a teaser trailer!

This looks insanely painful.

Apparently all 500 inmates were sewn ass to mouth, a desperate solution to the warden's problems.

Human Centipede 3, which will be released in May of this year, also includes the famous Eric Roberts as Governor Hughes and porn star Bree Olsen as Daisy.

You won't want to miss out on watching this insane trailer:


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