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Before I get start... Here's what haters would say!

"Of course it's hard being a DC Fan"

  • MoS had mixed reviews and it was a bad movie
  • Rushing the OVERCROWDED BvS: DoJ and the DCCU
  • Casting is terrible
  • Zack Synder is a bad director
  • They don't know their characters
  • They didn't connect the Arrow universe
  • Everything is dark and gritty
  • Too Much Batman
  • Marvel is WAY better

Since that's out of the way... it's really hard being a DC fan, not because of the movies or anything they do really, rather people point fun at it. I just want one day DC/Marvel fans can get along. Let's get to my argument about it!

The Long Wait!

Yeah... Basically. There is only one movie that this DCCU has and it's a 3 year gap. To the general audition, technically it doesn't matter, just as long as the movies are good. Reality is... Marvel and DC build momentum for each other! Regardless, this long gap doesn't build any true momentum for DC in the eyes of fans, so people constantly put up though annoying memes.

I know, there are annoying DC memes, but I see way more Marvel. Again, fans can't get along.

SO Many People Make Fun Of DC

Hey, I like Honest Trailers, but I must admit that Screen Junkies along with other YouTube channels have a tendency of bashing DC, yet the topic has nothing to do with it, they just bring it up! Of course they have opinions, which is fine, but every chance they have, they bash DC. I bet the Honest Trailer for Age of Ultron will mention how DC should give up. SMH. I mostly watch AMC. I like the channel and the way it handles superhero news. That's just me.

Everything is Blown out of Proportions

Don't get me wrong, I would've liked this to be true, but that's not the case. Any rumor that is talked about for a DC movie, usually people automatically believe it. Worse part is that people think a character's involvement will be huge or something. I don't know, another reason to complain about it. They keep forgetting it's a RUMOR! There is no much reveal about the DCCU, we only know the movies. There's always going to be people who don't like a movie. The fact that sites constantly reveal so much about a movie is just something else.

Anything DC/DC Fans do...

Always gets shunned! Any time we make memes, fans constantly talk crap about us. Even actors/actresses are always criticized for anything they say about the rival studio. This brings up Jason Momoa!

I was a little frustrated about the Captain American: The Winter Soldier panel, but this caused Marvel fans to be in an uproar! They said it was "unprofessional" and DC fans wouldn't be happy if a Marvel actor did the same. Well...

.... One did and in public! The signing was between Momoa and a fan (which that person is in the same DCCU page as I am).

Final Verdict: There's no doubt DC fans have it hard right now. The wait is painful and it's worse when people constantly point fun at WB/DC. I am a Marvel fan too (I lean towards DC), but it's annoying see people bash DC for everything they do. People always say "They should do what Marvel does", but didn't Joss Whedon said he wouldn't want DC to be like Marvel? You know what though... I'm glad DC is going through with this and if a person doesn't want to watch it... GOOD. Another person I don't have to worry about in the theater.

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