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Today I saw Dallas Buyers Club in the cinema for the first time and because of all the Oscar buzz I thought my expectations for the film were too high, but now I've seen the film I was not disappointed. Sometimes it sucks that I watch too many good movies its hard to write about positives. Dallas Buyers Club is a true story about a dallas cowboy who contracts HIV and sets up a club where people can get drugs that help HIV and AIDS that are not approved by the government.

Where to get started on the positives, a few examples of these are: the great acting, the development of the characters and the good story. As stating there is good acting and the film has a good story is self-explanatory, I will elaborate on the development of the characters. Through subtle and obvious changes in the character of Ron Woodroof his character to developed and changed; at the start of the film Ron is a hellraiser doing lots of drugs and alcohol and he swears a lot. Unlike The Wolf Of Wall Street the swearing wasn't just for the sake of it; as the character became a better man and stopped drinking and using drugs, this meant the volume of swearing was very small, and he would only swear when he was really angry.

The only negative I can think of with this film was to do with my expectations, the trailer makes the film seem quite emotional but I was not so emotionally hooked to the characters as I was wanting to be. It didn't hook me as much as 12 years a slave, however the film had a different tone so it was just a little unexpected as the film had more of a comedic tone with a emotional underlying story. So this isn't a big deal as the film had a more comedic tone I now don't want all the emotion that 12 years a slave had; it was just not was I was expecting going into the film and I would've wanted a little more emotion.

Overall this film is superb and almost flawless, and as I was not as emotionally attached to the characters as I wanted to be I don't think the film is as good as 12 years a slave; this means I have to give it a rating of:



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