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Today I watched Iron Man 3 for the second time and my impression of it is still the same as when I first saw it. Iron Man 3 is third Iron Man film set just after Avengers Assemble and follows a damaged Tony Stark fighting a mysterious new terrorist called the Mandarin and a super-soldier serum called Extremis.

There are a few positives in this film, some of these are: the film had great humour, the action and visual effects were really good and some parts of the story was really cool. Expanding on some of these, the visual effects throughout the entire film were spectacular and stunning; also the action scenes were cool especially the one where Tony has one Iron Man hand and a gun, that scene was awesome. The majority of the film's story was good, all the parts about A.I.M. and Extremis were interesting and well written.

However there were also some negatives in this film, these are: Iron man doesn't appear a lot and the whole story of the Mandarin was very disappointing. Expanding on this, even though in some superhero films it is difficult to have the superhero in a decent portion of the film (e.g. Hulk); Iron man is not one of these, instead of fighting the bad guys for about 1/3 of the film he is fixing his suit and talking to a kid. This portion of the film reveals necessary information but it could've been written in a way that Iron Man featured more and the information was put across as well. Also the fact the Mandarin was an actor was very undermining for the character of the Mandarin, who is awesome in the comics but they ruined him in the film. They sacrificed a good villain for a brief comedic moment, I'm glad that the actual villain was very good but the Mandarin was just a disappointment.

Overall this film is up to standard with other Marvel films, albeit not as good as the first but definitely better than the second. Taking everything into account I rate this film:



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