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You Tube's madman of cardboard crafts. Love me my cardboard and comic books!

You would must have been sleeping under a rock on the moon in the Sombrero Galaxy not to know about the immense popularity of the anime juggernaut that is Attack on Titan. It is truly an amazing series and I have yet to meet anyone not blown away by the animation and story arch of season 1.

Another unique phenomenon, that is less commonly known, is the growing emergence of C-Tables. Somehow these standalone partial tables, or small desks flipped on their sides (ghetto version per se), have become a hip home accessory to replace lap trays for eating while watching TV.

Inspiration hit me last week and I decided to combine C-Tables and Attack on Titan for no apparent reason beyond being creative for the fun of it. The result is a multiple-layered cardboard C-Table with a book cubby capable of holding 30 comic books.

The table is adorned with 3D versions of the four major crests/emblems of Attack on Titan: Stationary Guard, Military Police, Scouting Legion and Trainee Squad. And of course, the design would not be complete without the gorgeous face of the Colossal Titan!

The individual sections w/ crests prior to gluing
The individual sections w/ crests prior to gluing

The Attack on Titan C-Table is waterproofed (yes, you CAN waterproof cardboard) and is ready for Season 2! There is still lots of time before Season 2 begins, but at least I have the right tray table for my snacks when the binge watching begins!

Cheers and continued creativity!


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