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As the trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For just dropped, which by the way I loved, I decided to watch Sin City again. Sin City is a Frank Miller comic book film which revolves around three stories: one about an old cop defending a stripper, another about a thug who sets out for revenge after a hooker he had sex with was killed and finally a man named Dwight who defends the Prostitutes in Sin City after they accidently kill a cop.

This is one of my favourite comic book films so it is pretty much all positives, some of these are: the great acting, the awesome artistic style and the cool story. As the film has a star-studded cast its no surprise that the film has great acting, sometimes the emotions are emphasised and the characters over the top but that is because it is a melodrama and this is done for effect. This film can be a bit of a love it or hate it mainly because of the artistic style of the film, personally I love it as it is mostly black and white and then colour is digitally splashed in for effect. Most notably the Yellow Bastard to show cowardice and the fact that all the colour returns when they go into the strip bar as it is the safest place in the film and nothing bad happens inside of it.

There are very few negatives in this film, so few in fact that I can only think of one; that throughout the film the characters perform impossible feats. However this doesn't take me out of the film as they were used to demonstrate an aspect of the character; for example in 'That Yellow Bastard Part 1' Hartigan gets shot loads of times and still manages to aim his weapon and protect Nancy. This shows he has great perseverance and will go to any lengths to do the right thing even if it means putting himself in harm's way.

Overall I love this film and I think it's great and as the only negative I can find can be explained through the story and artistic style I have to rate it:



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