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Today I decided to watch Captain Phillips, I hadn't seen it in the cinema and someone had it on dvd so I borrowed it and watched the film. Captain Phillips centers around a cargo ship captain named Richard Phillips and the true story of his boat being taken over by Somali Pirates, even though that only takes up about half the film.

There are lots of positives to this film, some of these include: the superb acting, the way the tone is sustained and the great story and how it was so brilliantly put to screen. Every film Paul Greengrass has done that I've seen has been great (Green zone and the Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum) and kept to a specific tone of realism and being tense. Captain Phillips amplifies this tone and the movie is tense throughout most of the film, also the way the film was shot made it tenser than it would have been if it was shot normally (the camera follows the characters through sustained shots instead of cutting every minute or so).

There is only one negative that I can think of, the 20 or so minutes that slowed the film down and broke the tone a little. After Captain Phillips is taken and the time it takes before the navy arrives is a point in the film where it slows down, the film was still slightly tense and it didn't last that long but it was less tense than the rest of the film so it broke the tone a little.

Overall taking everything into consideration, as the film only had a small negative, and apart from it the film is otherwise flawless so I rate it:



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