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Today I saw 300: Rise of an Empire (300:RoaE) in the cinema; 300: RoaE is the story of the Athenian Thermistokles and his journey to try and unite Greece against the Persians, also it is him and the Greeks fighting the Persian naval commander Artemesia. The film is set before, during and after the first film focusing on the Athenians instead of the Spartans.

There are quite a few positives in this film, some of them are: the beautiful visual effects of the film, has a good story and I liked the acting in the film. The story of the film was very clever in connecting the first film to it and had some of the cast from the first film reprising their roles, unlike what some people may say I'm glad they chose to focus on the Athenians. Let me explain, in the first film the Spartans have very good tactics in the battlefield e.g. the phalanx, however in naval warfare this doesn't work as well if not at all; you see the Spartans at the end of the film and they fight similarly but the action wouldn't have been as cool if it was focused on the Spartans as the Athenians have a less organised battle strategy, even though their tactics are good in directing the fight but not in the actual fighting strategy they are just good at it. Also all the back story in the film was interesting of how the new characters fit in the universe was cool; all the acting was good, Sullivan Stapleton did great battle speeches and Eva Green was a fantastic villain.

Unfortunately there are also a few negatives, the ones I could spot were: CGI was poor in places and the storyline wasn't fantastic. It is obvious in this film when CGI is used, in the slow motion shots the blood was pretty bad but the landscapes were fantastic and in the normal action shots the blood and CGI in the film was really well done. The story was good, it was just a bit simple it was clever how it connected and I enjoyed the storyline but it was just a bit simple, however 300 was no different.

Overall I really enjoyed this film I would say it was on par or only slightly worse than the first film, considering the negatives I rate this film:



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