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Today I went to the cinema to Captain America 2; where the first film was only good for the first 2/3, I had high hopes for this film with the trailers looking great and movie reviewers in press screenings absolutely loving it. I was not prepared for how good it actually was.

The entire film itself is one massive positive and here are the reasons I think why: the acting was great, the action was amazing and the story was absolutely outstanding. To expand on the points that aren't self-explanatory, for most marvel films the story is normally quite good and captivating but overall pretty simple and a great relaxing time because of it. However in this film, the story hooks you from the start and has lots of twists throughout the entirety of it. Also the mid-credits scene was pretty cool, being a small teaser for Avengers 2. Another thing that was great was Falcon, they made him look awesome and he was in the film for more time than I thought he would be which was great. On the side of negatives, I can't really think of any apart from some shaky camera in the action scenes but that is me being really picky. I've been thinking about this for a few hours and I can't think of any more.

Overall the film is spectacular and a considerable improvement to the previous film, its so good that I think that it is probably better than Avengers. I think this because even though Avengers was awesome the acting, the dialog and action were perfect; however its story wasn't the best. This film had all of the advantages of The Avengers but with a brilliant story added on top; so taking everything into consideration, I rate this film:



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