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Today I watched Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown for the first time which revolves around a flight attendant who smuggles money for a gun salesman, and she gets arrested and comes up with a plan to leave her old life behind so she can escape the gun salesman and the police.

There are a lot of positives to this movie some of these are: there is a great and intriguing story, the characters are really good and the acting is great. There are certain parts of the story that stand out because they are so well done, the money exchange is a really clever scene/s, telling it from many different perspectives is what makes it a great scene/s. Also I felt the ending of the film was satisfying, making my impressions of the film better as it had a good ending; these parts of the film (and many others) are the reason why the story is good and very intriguing. One massive positive in this film is something that is in most Tarantino films, Samuel L Jackson. He is one of the main reasons this film is great, he plays the role perfectly and him and some other characters help pull off the humour in this film. My last positive is that this film felt very realistic; this is one of Tarantino's most normal films however it still has that very unique directing style which gives the film something different about it which is great.

This film also has a few small negatives; one of these is that I think that Robert De Niro was underused in this film, it seemed as if his talent wasn't used to its full potential as his character didn't do that much. Another negative is that the first 3rd of this film is quite slow; it starts to build up the intrigue but that doesn't really start working until about half way through, the first 3rd of the movie is mostly build up for the rest of it and is not as good however the rest of the film makes up for it.

Overall I think this film is great and I thoroughly enjoyed it however it does have a few negatives so I rate the film:



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