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Today I sat down and decided I wanted to see a horror film so I decided to watch Insidious 2, this is a 2013 sequel to the 2010 horror film about a family being haunted by ghosts, the sequel takes off where the first ends.

The positives of this film are: the story is clever, the acting is good and it linked very cleverly to the first film. Expanding on these points, I can say when I started to watch this film I wanted to see Patrick Wilson play a serial killer; and I was not disappointed and he played his role perfectly. Also for a horror film it had a good story with clever twists and turns and I enjoyed the slow reveal of the back story of the spirit that has possessed Josh; certain parts of the film link heavily with the first which was clever and seeing the back story of what originally happened to Josh was good and made it so I didn't need to see the first film before seeing this one.

Some of the negatives in this film are: it didn't really scare me that much and it followed the horror movie clichés. Insidious 2 as well as the first are not that scary just a bit creepy but this is not too much of a negative as its still a good film, I'd just like to be scared a little more. Also it had all the classic trademarks of a horror film which is annoying as its not something different but its something that I got over past the first 10 minutes or so.

Overall the film is a good horror film and is on the same level as the first because of the clever story and great acting; just annoys me that we might not see Patrick Wilson in the next one, however I can still see him in a horror role as I still have The Conjuring to watch. All that being said, I rate this film:



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