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Okay, so our first look at an extended scene of Jurassic World is full of good stuff, so let's pick it apart.

The scene opens up with Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) telling Owen (Chris Pratt) that they, the Jurassic scientists, have created a new dinosaur.

A bit of tension here.. Owen doesn't like the idea
A bit of tension here.. Owen doesn't like the idea

It already appears that Owen disagrees with what Masrani & inGen are doing together to create a 'new' dinosaur. And Claire responds with "Yeah, it's kind of what we do here."

*Side note here*

I like the similarities that I see so far between Claire and John Hammond from the first movie.

John Hammond has obviously still influenced the direction of inGen even after the mishaps on Nublar, Sorna & the mainland. Claire sounds to have some head-honcho similarities to Hammond. She's looking to grow and expand and make the park the highlight of their culture. That sounds like Hammond to me.

Take a look at the physical similarities too. Both in all white. I think that it's a sort of an inadvertent homage to Hammond with what Claire is wearing. Agree?

Okay, back to the scene breakdown. So they've created a new dinosaur and Claire is asking Owen to assess the paddock for any vulnerability before the newest addition to [Jurassic World](movie:32752) is penned.

Owen is wondering why he's being asked and Claire follows up with "Mr. Masrani thinks since you're able to control the raptors..."

** Background**

Owen's character is considered a Velociraptor trainer by the park, when he is really more of a behaviorist with his 'pack' of raptors, studying them and learning what makes them truly what they are. From what it seems in the screens and details we've gotten thus far, he works with the raptors and is comfortable surrounded by them.

Owen cuts her off and explains that he doesn't control the raptors. It's a relationship based on mutual respect.

It's not control. It's a relationship.
It's not control. It's a relationship.

This concept of 'mutual respect' is a far cry from what we had in the first 3 movies, yet I think there's more to his background in this movie than we know right now.

There's some banter back and forth about a past relationship between the two characters setting up the sexual tension that you knew would be in the movie because come on it's Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard.

Ultimately the scene concludes with this dialogue:

Claire: Okay, okay... Can we just focus on the asset please? Owen: The asset? ... Look I get it, you're in charge out here you gotta make a lot of tough decisions; it's probably easier to pretend these animals are just numbers on a spreadsheet. ...But they're not. They're alive...
Claire: I'm fully aware they're alive.
Owen: You might have made them in a test tube, but they don't know that... They're thinking I gotta eat... I gotta hunt... I gotta... ... ... You can at least relate to one of those things, right?

This is the most intriguing dialogue of the scene I think. Owen is hired by the park as a behavioral psychologist; basically to study and train the raptors. The back and forth really shows how different their ideologies are when it comes to the park and the dinosaurs.

  • Claire is about the bottom dollar, and the growth of the park, maximizing the 'assets' value.
  • Owen understands what the park truly is, what the 'assets' truly are... Alive.

Owen sounds very Ian Malcolm-esque to me. Ian was a big proponent of the idea that life will find a way. Life will flourish. Break boundaries and that it cannot be controlled. **Check out my Jurassic Easter Egg Post for some more Malcolm** It sounds like he has taken pages from Ian's book wink wink nod nod...

I think this scene is really setting the stage for what is to come when the movie releases in June. You've got a park director looking to reinvigorate visitor attendance and a dinosaur trainer warning of the dangers, and expressing his views on the psyche of the dinosaurs.


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