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Today I watched The Grudge for the second time to recall what happened so I could prepare for The Grudge 2. The Grudge is a 2005 American remake of the 2002 Japanese Ju-on: The Grudge, and centers around an American care worker who has moved to Japan and while working in a house discovers a mysterious and vengeful spirit.

This film has quite a few positives which include: the story progression is good, the film is very tense and has quite a few good scares. In this film the story progressed well and slowly unveiled the origins of the spirit by going backwards in time, this element of films I really enjoy. Also the film is quite scary in places and mixes creepiness with jump scares very well, this makes the film achieve its purpose in being scary.

On the negative side there is also quite a few, which include: the story is slow in places, the story is a bit simple and it had some of the horror movie clichés. In certain parts of the backstory and in Karen's moments in the film it slowed down in places and lost the tension, also the overall story is quite simple once it is revealed; finally this film still followed the same tricks in most horror films which takes me out of the film for a few moments but that isn't a large negative, just an annoyance.

Overall this is a good horror film with good scares but the story is a bit lacking, so taking everything into account I rate this film:



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