ByBrad Dee, writer at

As the cover displays, in 1 month "Time Runs Out", but based on the events of this issue, that month has already ended for our heroes in the Ultimate universe. In the course of 12 issues of this series, Brian Michael Bendis has delivered an epic storyline that delved more into the past of Miles family, the connection between Peter and Miles, the connections between Hydra and Doom and the consequences that will happen when all these things meet. But, as with many of Marvels books in the last few months, the writers have been forced to rush in order to get their storylines finished in time for "Secret Wars". That, unfortunetly is the case in this series also, as the last 2 issues have stuffed months of conclusions into a space of 22 pages. But, Bendis still does an amazing job of doing this and not frustrating the fans.

The art again is stellar and helps to build the tension that the storyline gives. Doom explains his plan in a proficient manner that would make sense, and actually goes back to some of the earlier issues of Ultimate Spider-man. But, some storylines still seem rushed. The epic battle between Doom and Miles is justified, but I find it unrealistic that Miles was able to overcome this villain so easily. Yet, to not discourage this book, I must admit that I find it amazing that Bendis was able to find a way to resolve all the storyines freely and still find a way to being about a conclusion that will reach into the huge epic storyline that Marvel has planned for next month. I do not know what the future has in store for Miles, which is a shame because he has been a character that has greatly grown on a number of fans.It also is a shame that we are about to say "goodbye" to so many characters from the Ultimate universe that we may never see again after Secret Wars. There were still some leftover mysteries that bendis couldn't resolve, but hopefully we will get a return in some form to these stories for some full closure. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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