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With "Secret Wars" on the horizon, a major motion picture coming out in a year, a massive fan base, and 2 Secret Wars crossovers coming out, what can they do to the Merc with a Mouth to make him even more popular? Why, kill him of course. The question is, how? How do you kill someone that has survived everything from decapitation to being torn into pieces? Well,that's the question that will be answered in this issue of [Deadpool](movie:38663) which is overstuffed with both good stories and stories that will put you to sleep. And that's where the problems with this comic come from. Gone are the laughs and the comedy, and it is replaced with guns, grenades and more violence then you can shake a really big stick at. Of course, this might make some fans happy.

Let's remember when Deadpool first got introduced in New Mutants, he was not a super-comedian. This all started years later when he got a new series and they wanted to put alot of comedy into it. As years went on, his comedy got different and the style of the comics stood the same. He would look into our lives and pretty much mock us. So, what made Marvel decide to kill him off?I have no clue honestly. Does it work? Yes and no. Let's be honest, he won't stay dead. He'll be back next month in Secret Wars and he still has another limited series out now that isn't completed. But, they did find a way to incorporate his death into "Secret Wars". How, you gotta read it to find out.

In addition, this giant comic is stuffed with other stories that involve the extra characters that are present in this volume of Deadpool. By the time you finish those stories, you will see why none of them deserve an ongoing title or even a one-shot. Yes, they are that boring and bad. Even the art suffers. But, the final story does help this book greatly with a "Thanos vs Deadpool Infinity Gauntlet" crossover that turns into a comedy roast. The beauty of this story was that it wasn't meant to be funny, which made it funny. By the end, we have Deadpool looking at us one last time and mocking us, telling us that we are not meant to amuse the real world. But, did he for the last few years? Yes. A comic like this is hard to review because it had 8 stories in it, and a review must look at the comic as a whole. Decent first story and a good last story, but the middle stories were boring/dull/non-memorable. I give this comic as a whole a 4 out of 10. Sorry Deadpool. :(


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