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The common themes of family and brotherhood in the Fast and Furious films have been echo'd throughout the entirety of the franchise. But I don't know if you've noticed how some other cool nuggets find their way into one or more of the different films.

The new movies often refer back to the old movies, as "aha" moments of sorts. I recently posted 5 awesome call-backs to the older movies that preceded [Furious 7](movie:264263). You can find THAT article here. Here you can find 5 more that weren't included before but were equally as awesome.

So, here you go, 5 cool moments from Furious 7 that helped make it the box office smash hit that it has become.

1. Paul Walker goes "old-school", ducks car under large truck again

Paul Walker has a button on his Nissan GT-R that allows him to go underneath an 18-wheeler that appears to be carrying steel pipes. His younger self would be proud that he's still got it! Of course he has the precision to pull this off awesomely while driving through the city streets of LA at night.

2. Race Wars is back!

Race Wars... man. You pretty much have no choice but to love it. At least if you're a fan of sexy women, sexy cars, and just overall speed. Iggy Azalea made an appearance in this version of Race Wars much to the dismay of a few fans. Hector showed up too as this early scene in the movie pays homage to the classic drag-racing culture we became obsessed with in the earlier films.

3. Sean is back!

Sean made an appearance in Furious 7, where he gives Dom a picture of Gisele as well as Dom's cross necklace that he salvaged from the wreckage of Han's car. Sean appeared in Tokyo Drift, prior.

4. Paul Walker's Supra returns

Paul Walker's Supra was a classic staple of the first film. He brings it back in the end of 'Furious 7' for the last ride, except this time it's all white. A really well-done sequence that had me tearing up.

5. The last ride... the final race

Of course, you've probably heard the tribute song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth that played during the end of the 7th film. At the end of the race they depict Paul Walker and Vin Diesel veering off at a fork in the road, with no "winner" or "loser", per se. Instead, they have different directions to go and the thought is that they will hopefully meet up again some time soon.

I know some people who didn't enjoy Paul's last ride, but I myself was heavily moved by it. They even got Paul's brother Cody to help film and put together the final tribute.

It was a great finish to what I thought was the best movie of the entire franchise. I hope they'll keep making more, although I know they'll never be the same without Walker.


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