ByBen Smith, writer at

The £11.99 Lego set from the new upcoming Avenger's film Avenger's Age Of Ultron this is a defiantly a got to have set.

You get 4 Lego Mini-Figures with this set, Iron Man Mk 45 (exclusive to this set) who comes with a super jumper which is new to all 2015 Lego Superhero's set's. Ultron Sentry Officer and 2 Ultron Sentry's which come with a stud launcher blaster each. This set also includes a Ultron Hover Craft which all 3 of your Ultron Mini-Figures can attach on too. Attaching all 3 of mini-figures to the vehicle adds extra blaster's to the hovercraft to make the hovercraft seem even deadlier.

This set is a got to have for 2 main reasons 1. Being the exclusive Iron Man Mk 45 which can be seen in Age Of Ultron Trailer 3 and some of the T.V Spot's. Reason number 2. is the 2 Ultron sentry mini-figures, you want as many as you can get of this figure giving these are apart of Ultron's army which can be seen in almost or if not every Trailer and T.V Spot fighting the full team of Avenger's from Iron man to Quicksilver.

That's why I rate this set with 3 stars.


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