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I'm not talking about the book, instead I'm talking about the silver screen adaptation of Ian Fleming's top secret (male) agent. In 1955, Gregory Ratoff purchased the rights to Ian Fleming's Casino Royale for $1,000. Originally, the producer and writer of the first James Bond found the idea of Mr. Bond downright ridiculous. No, seriously... the beloved suave, dangerous "lady killer" was deemed too ridiculous and unbelievable to put on the big screen. Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr. mentions that neither he nor director-producer Gregory Ratoff were impressed with the character.

Lorenzo Semple Jr:

“Frankly, we thought he was kind of unbelievable and as I recall, even kind of stupid. So Gregory thought the solution was to make Bond a woman, ‘Jane Bond’ if you will, and he even had a plan to cast Susan Hayward in the role.”
Susan Hayward
Susan Hayward

According to Ratoff, the actress owed the producer a favor. Sadly, the film would never see the light of day until it was re-written and released in 1963 as Dr. No starring Scottish actor Sean Connery. Even though I love Sean Connery as James Bond (and he's my favorite), I can't help but think where would we be now if Jane Bond was actually created. What do you think?


Do you think a Jane Bond film would've been successful?

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