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1. The Fox

Paul Patton isn't your everyday superhero. He has no actual superpowers. Before you go into conclusions of him just being a Batman knock off and look-a-like, read up on him. He's a journalist by day and well... a superhero in the same moment. He actually became the Fox to advance his journalist career. He reminds me of a mix between Spider-Man, and the movie, if you haven't watched it by now should, Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. I think this could be a light humoured comic book movie that stands out from the rest and would be a huge risk but could potentially be very rewarding for whatever production company that picks this up. (I'd assume Warner Brother's since DC technically has the rights to this character through Red Circle and Milestone Media characters.)

2. Icon and Rocket

Icon and Rocket are probably the coolest duo out there in comics besides Batman and Robin. The thing is Icon and Rocket didn't start off as partners. The whole reason for Icon becoming Icon was because Rocket, before being his sidekick, was actually a part of a group of poor kids that broke into his house. During this event Icon revealed his powers and Rocket persuaded him to become the superhero Icon, and Rocket to be his sidekick. This right there could be a movie in itself, having Icon trained with Rocket but had really big trust issues due to the break-in incident. His powers are also really amazing, if you want the full break down there's this link. Plus it's about time that Hollywood producers pick up a movie about an African-American lead and not have him be a criminal. This would be the perfect movie to pick up. Not a lot of people know enough about this story yet.


Buddy Blanks is a genetically engineered super soldier who is powered by something known as the "brother eye". Think Captain America with a air drop from a huge eye in the sky. This could be a cool movie if they cast the right actor, or it could be a total brick at the box office and be buried under a rock somewhere with Superman Returns (Sorry Brandon Routh).

4. Midnighter

Midnighter is a unique hero because for one, he kills. He might look like Batman but under his costume he is quite different. He has the ability to sense his opponents' next move and he has super strength. He also is the first mainstrain openly gay comic book character. I think he would be a great hero to adapt to the big screen. More information about this crime fighter can be found here.

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