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If for some bizarre reason you wanted a window into the kind of thing an introvert thinks is sexy, look toward the scene above, in which three 'sirens' sing an old Irish lullaby and prowl toward the three protagonists of O Brother, Where Art Thou, drenched in water and bathed in sultry allure. If everything but my voice hadn't already hit puberty, the sequence depicted in the above picture would have kicked it through.

For the past week or so, my subconscious has barnacled itself to this scene, and this movie. The acting, the music, and the dialog. Especially the dialog, as characters talk in a southern-fried poetic verse. It's fitting a movie based on an epic poem (Homer's Odyssey) is written in this creative tense. The whole endeavor is an LP in movie form.

Like an album, it stirs your emotions without being specific, with the poetic nature of the dialog allowing for some wonderful lines that would only make sense in such tense, including my favorite, "They desecrated a burning cross!", which is a turn of phrase worthy of celebration.

Because the dialog and images and motions of the movie are unfamiliar, they're more stark when you see them. Even if you don't like this movie, you have to admit there's nothing else quite like it. As a bonus it serves as a great gateway to getting into old works that may be a little...tricky on the ears.

It may take a moment to parse the accents and the vernacular, but once you do, you're treated to some sparkling exchanges. Even better, if you can get into how cool this movie sounds, I would suggest running to your closest theater company that specializes in Shakespeare and take in a show.


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