ByRenae Milsome, writer at

The Frayed. I, like many others, had to watch this film two or three times to grasp an understanding of what had actually happened. Why was a picture of a baseball team showing? Was he really dead that whole time? And did his father really kill him on the side of that road? Kurt had been molested as a child from his own father, and one time his mother walked in which resulted in his father killing her, but framing him. I found to believe that Kurt (the psychopath), had been locked in his room for a large amount of time, causing him to completely renew his reality. The only thing visible to Kurt is the picture of a baseball team, hanging outside the window of his room. From this picture he sees himself escaping and taking his anger out on the people from this picture, whom he believes to be his family. As he escapes, he is knocked out on the side of the road where his father (who had killed his mother and molested him as a child), finds him and kills him to keep him from sharing the truth. As the credits play, Kurt's father then returns to his current family, where his son pretends to sleep as the horrific happenings to Kurt, are now happening to him.

So basically, the whole movie was a dream of Kurt's once he had been knocked out on the side of the road, and in the conclusion to the movie he awakes to find his father stepping over him, before he shoots him.


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