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we remember mark Hamill as the one who mark and era, for me is the best actor that make the voice of the joker and not only the voice, because when he was recording the voice he also act, he acted like he was the joker.

In this video you can see how he prepare himself to be the joker, and even the director says that he act like the joker!

We grew up with batman: series and definitely he was one of the reason that the show was so famous and one of the greatest shows during the 90's

Batman: the series logo
Batman: the series logo

But being the best joker wasn't enough for him and he won and award for doing the voice of the joker in the game batman arkham city.

Mark Hamill's legacy will live for ever and we will remind him as the voice or not the voice, will remain him as the joker :)

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Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!!! Are you agree or no? tell us below! New posts soon! :)


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