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We finally have our first official poster and trailer for the upcoming sequel of Sinister (2012), starring Ethan Hawke and Juliet Rylance as the parents of a family who (SPOILER WARNING) got murdered by their own daugther on the influence of a demon called Bughuul.

And now the time has come, and here we have a review of the first official trailer from 'Sinister 2'.

Ellison Oswalt's (Ethan Hawke) family is mentioned

We can confirm now that it actually has some kind of relation with its prequel on 2012, we don't really know how exactly are the first movie events going to affect on this sequel but we sure know that they are not totally independent movies like "The purge" films that were independent from one to another.

Deputy "So and so" is coming back for more mistery

Yes! That's right! He is back, the deputy that helped Ellison Oswalt and his family through all the mistery and all the terror in the first film is coming back; we don't know yet if he is going to do the same with the next family, but I think that he'll have a more important part on this film.


I have no words to describe this poster, is just amazing it gives you the same frightening feeling like the first one but is a little bit more exciting because you know that Bughuul is coming back and that he wants more souls to eat.

I leave you here the first Official Trailer for Sinister 2 in case yo haven't seen it yet, prepare to scream.


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