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Word got out today that Marvel is working with ABC on a spinoff series for "Agents of SHIELD", which is just about to finish up its second season.

Obviously there are so many different groups that this series could focus on, but with Marvel getting set to head into phase 3, I'm willing to bet that they are willing to dig a little bit deeper.

We already know that the events of "Winter Soldier" sent the MCU and the TV universe into a whirlwind. So there are really endless possibilities for secret groups to pop up of both super powered, and non super powered people.

One of the obvious choices for them to follow could be Secret Warriors.

This one makes a lot of sense to me because of the fact that they re introducing to people on the "gifted list." Instead of Nick Fury, though it could happen, Phil Coulson might assemble this team. Obviously they already have Skye aka Quake, who is a featured member of this secret SHIELD team of super powered people.


Coulson's team, along with the Avengers, are likely rounding up their fair share of villains that Hydra set loose with their take over of SHIELD. Maybe this will be their place of reformed supervillains? They can't use Deadpool, obviously, but perhaps this is where they bring the Punisher back to the MCU. What about a permanent home for Deathlok? Plus, they're reintroducing Daredevil, so why not Elektra here? This would be a show worth tuning in for.


By introducing us to Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU, they've opened up a lot of opportunities to go beyond earth realms. I'm not talking Asgard, but how cool would that be? I'm thinking more exploring our space, and people coming into it. A space station above the earth would make for some cool television. Plus, I loved they way they did S.W.O.R.D. on "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes."

Secret Avengers

A guy can dream, can't he? Yes, Beast is out of the question, but perhaps a Mockingbird lead team could get the job done? They've done a great job of establishing her on the television show, and she could certainly carry a series. Plus this could be the perfect setup for "Civil War" with a separate team that Captain America leads. Maybe not on television, but they could make it work.


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