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It's already mid-April, which means that a) [Gotham](series:1127075) returns to our screens this Monday (thank god!), and b) Free Comic Book Day is only a few short weeks away! In a glorious combination of the two, Robin Lord Taylor (a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot) took to the event's facebook page to encourage everyone to head out to their local comic peddler on May 1st.

Free Comic Book Day is one of the highlights in my calendar, and as comics gain traction in the mainstream (thanks largely to the sheer volume of comic book adaptations in film and tv) it just keeps getting bigger and better. Not ready to brave the crowds at a convention (or don't have one close enough), and you can experience a miniature version locally.

Like any comic con, shops celebrate for a day with cosplayers, special offers, even (depending on the size of the shop) contests, events, games, and of course, tons of free comic books! You heard me, on May 1st, you can just stroll on in and scoop up an armful of comics for absolutely nothing! Admittedly, you probably won't be heading home with the biggest and best titles out there, but it's a phenomenal way to get to know new titles, characters, and best of all, the shops that sell them.

Many fans of the films can feel intimidated by that first trip to the comic book store - but on Free Comic Book Day, you don't have to feel shy. It's actually a great way to scope out some shops (and the all-important staff members) without worrying that you may be stumbling into a tight-knit community that you aren't yet a part of. Get chatting to the staff, say hi to some local fans who are into the same characters, and familiarize yourself with whichever place seems friendly and convenient.

This is one of my absolute favorite days in the nerd-calendar, and I'm thrilled to see stars like Robin Lord Taylor using their influence to reach out to fans of the live-action series and encourage them to see where it all comes from. Whether you are already a huge fan of the books, or if you've never so much as picked up a comic and the shows have piqued your interest, mark it on the calendar!

If you want to find out about your closest participating comic book shop, you can do so here. You can also check out the main site or the facebook page for the titles that will be promoted and free for the day, or for info on how to get into comic books in general.

23 days to go!


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