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Jordan Aguero

allot of us green lantern fans want a green lantern movie sooner and the character as a hole done justice. rumors flying around that chris pine will play green lantern hal jordan. personally i'd like to see him play hal but 1 he is not a comic book person at all. 2 he would probably not be interested in the role. but i have the perfect guy for the job.

miles teller.

miles teller is the right guy for the role because he has the right sarcasm,humor, and charisma to play green lantern hal jordan. hal jordan is all about being funny and so is miles teller. here is a clip to show you what im talking about.

he is also very underrated so dc you should aim for someone like him. what are you waiting for give an audition wb. he has also experience with action.

he has the acting chops, the look, and personality to play green lantern hal jordan. you guys should watch him insurgent and 21 and over and project x. he also has the right age range to play green lantern in a green lantern/flash team up movie alongside ezra miller. those two would be brilliant casting.


would you cast miles teller as green lantern hal jordan. post your comments and vote.


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