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Just yesterday we got a full cast photo of the Suicide Squad, all except for one crucial member - a hashtag quickly sprung up as "?" because everybody's favorite Clown Prince of Crime was missing from the photo. Just a day earlier, Leto teased that his "transformation had begun" on Instagram.

Now, director David Ayer has responded to fans' requests, and we have our reason for why Jared wasn't in the photo - he was getting his green hair done. Both just posted this photo.

There's our Joker beginning to shine through! Unlike earlier photoshops where Jared had light green hair, we can see here it's very deep green, as the Joker is often portrayed with, which has made many a fan happy. What's even more amazing for long-time DC fans is that Jared is striking the very same pose the Joker makes on the cover to The Killing Joke, as seen above.

The Killing Joke is not only one of the most acclaimed Batman stories of all times, it's listed among the very best comics and graphic novels. The way that Leto's Joker is rumored to be portrayed, as well as the way he's had his hair cut and all, it wouldn't be remiss to suggest we'll be seeing an amalgamation of all the Jokers, from Killing Joke to Dark Knight Returns, and then from Arkham to Heath Ledger. Leto promises to bring his "own thing" to the character, to make this version his own, and the best way to do that, many think, is to ground this portrayal in the comics and source material.

Suicide Squad at this point is promising to be dark and gritty, but at the same time, with characters like Harley Quinn, King Shark and Killer Croc in the mix, it will bring it's own brand of wackiness to the table which is ripped straight from DC's best works. I don't see why the Joker should be any different. Personally, I'm hoping for a Joker similar to the one in the Arkham games, as shown above in Arkham Origins, and Leto doesn't seem to be straying far from them.

While we don't have our red lips, white skin or purple coat yet, this year is the Joker's 75th anniversary, and shooting begins very soon - I'd expect a full look at the Joker in no time, probably within the next month, perhaps alongside the trailer for Batman vs. Superman. Don't hold me to it, but my guess is the reveal will come in 15 days, on the 25th - exactly 75 years since the Joker's first appearance in comics.

Whatever the case, Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a DC lovers' fan favorite, and Jared Leto may just bring us one of the best Jokers we've seen yet.

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