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For about ten seconds "Out of Sight" was on Crackle, which is kind of like the Salvation Army Thrift Store of movie apps.

As a kid I remember this flick getting previewed over and over again on the guide channel, using words like slick and steamy and sexy. For what it's worth, I generally dislike 'sexy' movies. In much the same way a strip club is an expensive way to get an unusable boner, a movie featuring a lot of soft-glow love scenes feels like a good way to feel like sleezeball in front of strangers.

So when I say that 'Out of Sight' is one of the coolest, sexiest, slickest movies I've seen in quite some time, I mean it. George Clooney plays a professional bank robber, and the flick has a great prison escape, diamond heist, and shoot out, but is more about the moment to moment energy of the characters. The way they talk, the way they act, how they zag when we expect them to zig.

I'm reminded of something billionaire philanthropist Montgomery Burns said, about how in his day the starlets could tantalize the audience by simply raising a finger or showing a little leg. Here, all it takes a trunk, low red lighting, and a conversation between Clooney and Lopez that's weird, esoteric, and forces a smile on your face like you're watching something you shouldn't.

In addition to the trunk portion scene, there are two sequences; the opening bank robbery, and another involving a 'date' between Jennifer Lopez's character and George Clooney that belong in "That was so fucking cool!" wing of the library of Congress.

Even better, Michael Keaton reprises his role from "Jackie Brown" in this movie - as both are based on Elmore Leonard books.


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