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Its the image of Jared Leto going all Killing Joke on us and its making the internet explode! I mean we all knew Suicide Squad was going to start filming pretty soon and we got a picture of the cast yesterday but no Leto! Where he was might have been answered today with this image that was tweeted by David Ayer who asks the same question!

If you don't know what Jared Leto is trying to say with that camera then let me refresh your memory with this picture.

Its the iconic cover to the highly loved Killing Joke novel that put the Joker on the map. If this is a tease as to whats to come i think this Joker will be a very dark character. We already have heard of the rumors of Jason Todd's death being a big part of Joker and Harley being estranged. That makes me think could there be more to it than Jason's death to it? If that picture is a tease then maybe also the shooting of Barbara Gordon could be explained in Suicide Squad as it happened in the Killing Joke. Im pretty sure killing Jason and paralyzing Barbara would be more than enough for Harley to know how psychotic this man is. I'm not sure what to think but I'm more anxious to see Suicide Squad now and Leto in full make up!


What do you think of Letos picture?


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