ByTina Parker, writer at
  • As most of you already know that quicksilver,aka Pierrot Maximum/speedy will be appearing in the avengers age of ultron which will be coming to cinema very soon.(if you haven't seen neither x-men days of future past or the avengers age of ultron trailer,you probably don't really know what I am talking about) but if you have seen both of the movies you'll notice both movies contain 2 different quicksilver not only because they are played by different actors but also they just seems different to each other.

Except different looks can cause you to assume that is a different character. Just think about Patrick Stewart and James Mcavoy's professor x. If marvel put younger professor x in the iron man 2 or any other marvel movies,would you still be able to identify they are in the same universe and the same character? I certainly wouldn't. But although none of the actors look like each other we can still tell they are the same character because Bryan singers put them together intentionlly to make them look the same.

Marvel is trying trick us,by giving us 2 complete different looks so that none of us believe they are acturally the same. You see that girl quicksilver was holding in days of future past? I am telling you she is definitely the scarlet witch! The reason why she looked younger than pietro in x-men but the same age in the avengers is because mutants are different to humans. You can make mutants do anything or be anything as long is different to what humans can do. You noticed the wolverine claw in the age of ultron trailer? It should definitely be a sign of avengers combine with x-men in the future. Whether it is hawkeye's new claws or wolverine's same claws it is defintely giving us a clue of what's next.


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