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Collins Vincent

Ready to be shaken by another disaster movie? San Andreas is an upcoming disaster movie that will hit theaters on friday. The movie has already gained the attention of the public and many earth quake experts who are targeting the films inaccuracies.There will be more news to come as the film nears its wide release.there are early reviews but most of them seem mixed and unsure.

here is the official plot synopsis for the film:

When the San Andreas fault triggers a magnitude 9 earthquake, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) must navigate the destruction from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save his daughter.

The movie has renewed discussions of the San Andreas fault line that runs through California.Scientists have been studying the film closely and are picking out the facts and the flaws.More then likely this film might do okay at the box office and have a decent financial return for the studio.Your free to decide for yourself if you get a chance to view the film. San Andreas will get its wide release on May 29,2015.


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