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So some lucky people got to watch 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' and they aren't allowed to write anything that spoils it, but they did release quite a few details about the movie. Here's a bunch of tweets that the critics wrote. (THEY ARE SPOILER-FREE OF COURSE)

---------- Short and Quick Reviews ----------

So those all sound really good. A lot of talk about Hawkeye playing a massive part and Scarlet Witch kicking ass. Overall they think it turned out very well.

---------- Questions/Answers and Info ----------

Here's some Questions/Answers and some info that mainly this 1 person did on Twitter. Obviously they aren't allowed to spoil anything, but they do answer some questions to things we didn't know. If you really do not want to know ANYTHING about the movie, don't read these. Here we go.

There were a lot of people asking how this sequel stands up against the first Avengers and if it was better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As amazing as Captain America 2 was, I was surprised, because I would have thought that Avengers 2 would have easily topped it, but apparently not?

Sounds pretty weird doesn't it? Actually a little concerning. But I wouldn't be too worried, here they talk about some of the things it did right.

Now, like I said it's mostly this one person that did tons of Q/A on Twitter. There's a lot on the characters and the roles they play. It's good to hear Hulk gets more screen time and has a larger role, he is saying that Hawkeye stands out a lot, even some saying that he is the main character basically! It seems most people really liked Scarlet Witch too, but there are some concerns with Quicksilver. Some are even saying they still think Loki is the better villain. I'l put the tweets below.

Well, that's most of the tweets he made. He has done more and will likely continue answering questions about the movie but those are the ones that stood out to me, check out their Twitter if you want to look for more. Overall, I don't really know what to make of that. As you can see, this large Q/A part was pretty much done by this one person and they have made me slightly concerned now. They clearly don't think it was the best Marvel movie, which is fine. I know the movie is going to be amazing though, because everyone has different opinions and not everyone is going to like certain things, but some people might. Even though this has raised concerns, they hype is still absolutely there and I won't form any opinions until I get to see the movie for myself. You should do the same.

What we learn from this is that people are really saying that Hawkeye is like the main character of this movie. How that turns out, I don't know, I haven't seen the movie but it would sure make up for the hypnotized role that he had for most of the first Avengers movie. Also that Scarlet Witch is way better than what we've seen of her. Then there's the concerns, but like I said, lets see the movie before judging.


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