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Giants beware? Treehouse productions decided to finance Anders Walter's directorial debut in the comic adaptation of "I kill giants". The critically acclaimed novel was written by by Joe kelly and J.M. Niimura and follows the story of a young outsider named barbara thorson who struggles to make friends in school,She copes with this by escaping into a world where giants are real and it is her job to stop them.I kill giants won a number of awards and accolades on top of receiving the Gold award at the fifth international manga awards.The film will be produced by Chris colombus.

Kelly has essentially written a story about a girl who uses fantasy to navigate a harsh reality of exclusiveness and her struggle to find acceptance.Chris columbus has expressed the utmost passion in bringing this project to life while honoring the overall themes of the novel.This kind of novel is special because of its message and if the message gets diluted then it could become a problem.This comic tells a story that not only resonates with people but also sticks with them and it is important that the movie does this as well.

The film will be a way to tackle the issue we see a number of kids facing today which concerns fitting in or finding some form of acceptance.While there are the fantasy and action elements they mainly exist to move the plot forward in a way that doesn't simply involve talking or long winded conversations.Barbara's character tends to show her strong side more often since she doesn't want to seem vulnerable to bullies or jerks in her school and this is essentially one of her key traits that has to be portrayed perfectly in the film.

Chris columbus has had a very steady career in film and has been involved with films such as Night at the museum,Fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer, Harry potter and the chamber of secrets,Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, and his current movie Pixels which comes out this year.It hasn't been specified if the film will be live action and take the route of Scott pilgrim or if it will be animated like big hero 6 but given the fact that columbus mainly does live action films there is chance that this movie could follow the primer model.


I kill giants has no official release date, casting has not been announced.


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