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Collins Vincent

Where's my super-suit? The most beloved animated superhero family adventure is set to return in a big way. After captivating audiences young and old in 2004, The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel (much deserved) and the director himself couldn't be happier with the whole announcement.The Incredibles 2 is rumored to arrive some time in 2019 and things could be a little different when we meet up with the entire super-powered family and see how their relationships and the overall family dynamic has changed and evolved since we last saw them. Thankfully, this sequel won't be too late...fifteen years to late. Or will it?

As for the plot.....drum roll,please.....we've got nothing. No credible plot points have been revealed except for rumors about a possible time jump and our favorite characters being aged up a bit. Quick spoiler!: Near the end credits of the first film the whole family had attended Dash's track competition and were leaving the stadium when a massive rumbling noise, followed by a drill emerging from the ground, revealed a new villain who goes by the name The Underminer( His name may pun-dermine him as a serious threat.) and even shouted his name in true villainous fashion. It's unclear if he will be the central villain in the sequel or even appear in the movie as a secondary antagonist or a minor threat. Could Syndrome have survived being sucked into a plane turbine and the explosion that followed? Is it possible that Syndrome has illegitimate children who will try to avenge their late father's untimely death? Or could this film just be about Dash trying to up his thumbtack-on-the-chair game? At this stage, the sequel announcement itself is enough to keep fans at bay until plot details are officially dropped.

Since the follow-up was announced, there has been no shortage of plot ideas and fan theories about how the film will pick up where it left off. One fan theory that has been circulating is the possibility of Jack Jack, the youngest member of the Parr family, taking a walk on the darkside. As displayed in the film, Jack Jack has displayed a wide array of powers such as changing into metal, bursting into flames, and turning into a devilish looking creature with incredible strength and elevated levels of aggression. Some have even Joked that Jack Jack may become the Kylo Renn of the franchise (Bob may want to start running). While there is very little feasible information about the sequel, fans are free to theorize about the second film until their hearts content. Stay tuned for more updates and news about this super-sequel.


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