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Some time ago it was reported by and multiple sources that there would be a live action movie based the cyber-punk video game series Deus ex: human revolution.The video game takes place in the year 2027 where corporations have grown beyond the control of national governments and follows Adam Jensen who is a newly hired security manager at a biotechnology firm known as Sarif Industries. After a brutal attack by Terrorists at Sarif's Detroit-based head-quarters Jensen is critically wounded and must undergo a life saving surgery that involves replacing a large portion of his body with advanced prosthetics and the use of artificial organs.

the Deus ex: Human evolution game series has been considered extremely exhilarating and thought provoking. The game deals with themes that to some extent are considered fitting considering the climate of the modern world. The main themes dealt with in the game are rise of corporations, global espionage, Human survival,Poverty, and the ethics of advancing ordinary humans with artificial replacements. The game strongly focuses on the idea of Trans-humanism and how man-kind seeks to continue push the limits of the Human condition through science and technology. The presents the player with an interesting exploration of these themes while also providing an action packed gaming experience.

Scott Derrickson has been attached to the project for some time as the director but there hasn't been any new information or leaks about the project for some time, it's clear that it is being kept under wraps until a designated point in time. Fans of this game were excited and nervous when this project was first announced since they are fearful that the movie could tarnish the games which are treated as sacred artifacts. Derrickson is currently directing Doctor strange for Marvel studios and it is likely that he will devote more time to this project after the anticipated superhero movie finally makes rounds at the box office upon release.


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