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A genuine superhero of normal people
Michael Seaford

As the first episode in a series, Daredevil performed well, which was to be expected

Starting from the very beginning,I liked this show. You might be saying "Well Yeah, Michael, you gave it an 8.7 star review" No. I mean I really liked it

The change to the origin was especially fantastic, because it showed that Matt Murdock was pure of heart from the start. He was blinded by some toxic chemicals while saving an older gentleman's life. That is some real front page stuff.

I knew this show was going to be gritty, as evidenced by many spoiler-free reviews, but I had no idea just how real it would be. Taking down a human trafficking ring. That happens all the time, with the exception of it being a blind ninja who does the taking down.

With all the early reviews bragging about how dark it would be, I didn't expect the clever one-liners that nearly made me laugh at approximately 3:30 in the morning. Foggy Nelson is kind of like the Cisco Ramon of this sshow, savong it from being nearly too serious to watch.

I was impressed by the subtle MCU references, including the realtor's referring to the Battle of New York as "the incident"

With Foggy and Matt running their own law firm, I expected them to have a couple of spats, but the thing about protecting the innocent really made Matt seem like a good guy.

The fight coreaography was beyond fantastic, having our Not-So Friendly Neighborhood Daredevil take out those badguys was pretty sick.

Vincent D'Onfronio was a fantastic villain in this episode, one of which other MCU villain actors need to take a look at to better their characters.

The religious element adds a deepness to this show, and the several references to the devil were very subtle nods to the name. One of my favorite lines was when Murdock asks forgiveness for ehat he is about to do, and the Preist says: That's not how this works.

The stuff with Jack Murdock was awesome, adding an element to the character that just made Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock a more interesting character to the power of Infinity and Beyond (I got you, Buzz Lightyear)

Charlie Cox delivers one of the most fantastic portrayals, to be frank, that I have ever seen in an TV show, ever. Ever. He successfully portrayed Murdock's blindness in a very cool way, and I actually believed he was blind for a secomd there.

And a random thing: The credits sequence masterfully embodied the finesse of this fantastic episode. If you want to watch, I suggest close this window and open up a Netflix account, so you can be a witness to a show that can only be described as: Not Ben Affleck's Hell's Kitchen


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